ITEE-DP: Foundations of waveguide and integrated optics

Monday, December 12, 2016 to Friday, December 16, 2016


Infotech Oulu Doctoral Program

CAS RU organizes a post-graduate course on Optoelectronics during 12th of Dec – 16th of Dec 2016. The topic of the course is “Foundations of waveguide and integrated optics”.

The lectures will be given by Dr. Eugene Avrutin from the University of York, UK. The lectures will be given during 9am and 1pm during 5 days. The seminar classes, detailed timing and credit units will be given later.

Those willing to participate, please register by an email to Juha Kostamovaara (juha.kostamovaara(at) by the 2nd of Dec.


Foundations of waveguide and integrated optics

  1. Waveguide fundamentals. Slab and stripe waveguides, fibres as waveguides.
    Modes, polarisation, modal propagation constants, modal loss, waveguide dispersion. Leaky modes.  Waveguide curves, radiation losses.
    Photonic nanowires. Plasmonic waveguides.
  2. Waveguide devices and optical integration. Waveguide coupling, input and output.  Foundations of passive photonic circuits. Waveguide resonators and interferometers, wavelength filters and demultiplexers, Arrayed Waveguide Gratings.
  3. Wave propagation in periodic media. Bragg diffraction and Bragg reflection. Coupled wave approximation vs. transfer matrix analysis.  Waveguide Bragg gratings, order, coupling coefficient. Photonic bandgaps and photonic crystals. One-, two- and three-dimensional photonic crystal structures. Photonic crystal waveguides. Slow wave struictures, engineered dispersion.
  4. Foundations of nonlinear optics. Chi-2 and chi-3 nonlinearities. Sum and difference frequency generation, second harmonic generation, Manley-Rowe relations, phase matching and quasi phase matching. Periodically poled nonlinear crystals.
    Waveguide nonlinear devices; semiconductor intermixing for quasi phase matching.  Principle of Optical Parametric Oscillators. Main applications of nonlinear optics.
  5. Optoelectronic waveguide devices. Optical modulators. Electroabsorption and electrooptic modulators, design and performance.  Physical basis of modulation in III-V materials and in silicon. Ring modulators. Monolithic integration of modulators with other components.
  6. Active semiconductor waveguide devices. Monolithically integrable lasers and photodetectors.  Photonic crystal lasers. Active-passive integration. Homogeneous vs heterogeneous integration. III-V on Si: direct growth and bonding.  Evanescent coupling for integration. Examples of waveguide integrated circuits with active and passive components.


More information: Juha Kostamovaara

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