Digitalization of marine business - success stories and new challenges

10.2.2017 10:00

Infotech Oulu Lecture Series

Date: February 10, 2017
Time: 10:00-11:00
Room: L8

Lecturer: Dr. Kalevi Tervo, R&D Senior Principal Engineer, ABB Marine


Traditionally marine business has been very conservative and reluctant to utilize new technologies. This has changed during the last 10 years. ABB Marine has been the frontrunner of digitalization of marine business by development of novel operation optimization, energy management and condition monitoring / remote diagnostics solutions and integrating those as part of the ABB Marine businesses during the last 10 years. In this presentation I will explain the products and offering of ABB Marine and introduce how ABB creates added customer value by utilizing IoT, analytics, connectivity, software and control systems. I present some examples of successfully applied data driven modelling and optimization which have resulted in significant fuel savings, improved performance and improved safety in numerous vessels. After introducing the ABB Marine business and some in-depth case examples of data-driven optimization, I will outline some current research challenges in the maritime sector and ABB Marine. About the author: Kalevi Tervo received his D.Sc. (Tech.) degree in Control Engineering from Aalto University at 2011 where he was served in various positions during 2005-2011. At Aalto, he led a research team for Human Adaptive Mechatronics and was involved in building the first IoT systems for mobile working machines with major Finnish working machine companies. Dr. Tervo joined ABB Marine at 2011 where he has led the research and development aiming at increasing the ship level of automation and performance by means of data analytics, optimization and control in areas of power systems, ship operation and digital services. These projects have resulted in launching of several new products and services. Dr. Tervo has been a key person in building the digital transformation of ABB Marine by developing novel solutions which have led to business entries to new business areas and segments for ABB. In his current role as Global Program Manager, Intelligent Shipping Program Dr. Tervo leads a major research and development program which coordinates globally the long term research and development with internal and external partners aiming at efficient, sustainable and intelligent shipping.

More information: Valtteri Tervo, Markku Juntti

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