Photovoltaic solar cells and materials

Professor Arthur Hill
Lecturer's institute: 
University of Salford, Salford, UK
9.9.2019 14:00 to 12.9.2019 16:00
9-12.9.2019 at 14-16 pm
More information: Heli Jantunen


The lectures series covers three areas related to radiation.  The first part concentrates on photovoltaic solar cells introducing the basics of solar radiation and different cell structures and materials with a discussion of their feasibility for large area industrial production and different deposition techniques. Possible alternatives to the widespread use of silicon technology will be explored.
The second part introduces the problems of the materials associated with space exploration. This environment is hazardous to materials due to ambient radiation, temperature, magnetism, and space weather, and special attention should be paid to the freezing and boiling points of materials, their shielding, outgassing and vaporization, lubrication, and radiation hardness.
The final part is related to new ways to use lasers in the conservation of paintings. This method may be used for the removal of old, discoloured varnish layers without chemical solvents or mechanical actions, a technique possibly feasible for other purposes in the future.


Professor A. E. Hill has 50 year career at Salford University. His research topics are thin films devices, dynamic recoil mixing, copper indium diselenide (CIS) for thin film solar cells. laser processing of materials, alternative deposition methods for ternary semiconductor films. He has supervised 17 PhD and MSc research students, many of whom now hold key positions in industrial and academic establishments worldwide and established a widespread international network of contacts and colleagues as a result of joint research work and contracts. Additionally he has written 5 text books, made 13 consulting reports and published 140 scientific journal papers.

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