Phase-Shifter Based Integrated Millimeter-Wave Power Amplifier Architectures for 5G


Project description

The aim of this project is to design and experiment new mm-wave power amplifier (PA) architectures for large phase arrays, where more than one amplifier is combined to the same output, so that their relative phase difference is used either for efficiency enhancing or linearization.

The project aims in designing, building and testing a real prototype power amplifier circuits using modern CMOS technologies.

As the frequencies increase towards 5G, we need more antenna area to compensate the free space losses in terms of antenna arrays. For adaptive beam steering, radio frequency (RF) beamformer is needed for each antenna and hence a PA precedes each antenna. As a result, the required power per PA becomes quite low, where it is possible to integrate sufficient PA directly on  RFIC using modern CMOS technology.

Project Investigator: Dr. Janne Aikio (

Researcher, PhD student Jere Rusanen, email: jere.rusanen(at)