Intelligent Machines and Systems

The main focus of the Intelligent Machines and Systems (IMS) research unit is to study the behavior of dynamic systems in a broad sense. IMS conducts research on

  • theory and methods of control and systems engineering, with applications in process and energy,
  • machine diagnostics theory, methods and applications,
  • modeling and simulation of industrial processes, machines and controlled systems.

IMS is composed of two research groups: 1) mechatronics and machine diagnostics, 2) systems engineering. Both groups provide teaching for engineering students at the University of Oulu. The education provided by IMS covers control theory from basics to advanced methods, automation systems, modeling and simulation tools, sensor, actuator and computer technology as well as methods for machine diagnostics. We supervise theses in BSc, MSc and PhD levels. Education is developed collaboratively with other regional education institutes like Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) and Educational Consortium OSAO.