Research environment

Animal and operational premises in the Oulu Laboratory Animal Centre

In the Oulu Laboratory Animal Centre, there are both animal premises as well as operational and laboratory premises for researchers.

  • The mice are produced and maintained in the mice barrier, which is a closed animal department. There is some experimental activity in the barrier.
  • Research activity has been focused to the research department.
  • There are several operational and laboratory premises in the research department that the researchers can reserve for their own use.
  • Rodents may be isolated to the quarantine unit, isolators or IVCs when needed.
  • Imaging animals is possible with the imaging equipment located in KEKS.
  • The Department of Experimental surgery offers possibilities for experimental activity with large laboratory animals.

The doors to the Oulu Laboratory Animal Centre are always locked. Entering and leaving KEKS is monitored by recorded video surveillance. Motion detectors monitor the premises outside working hours.

An access control ID (electronic key) is needed for moving within the unit, with the necessary access rights registered. The access rights must be applied for in the KEKS, and they are admitted when the applicant has received orientation for working in the unit.

Last updated: 31.10.2019