Our very own Dr. Piiastiina Tikka defended her second thesis, this time at Friday 13.11.2020 in the University of Oulu

The topic of Dr. Tikka's dissertation was persuasive user experiences in behaviour change support systems and avoiding bottlenecks along the way to full potential of persuasive technology.

Dr. Piiastiina Tikka, now holding two Ph.D. titles, has worked at OASIS research unit since 2014. Her present dissertation presents five studies that aim at identifying and understanding potential pitfalls and bottlenecks where persuasive systems may fall short of their full potential.  The perspectives discussed consider social factors, person specific factors and system factors (interaction design), and how they contribute to user experiences that support behaviour change. These studies employ both quantitative and qualitative methods, aiming at revealing perspectives on design necessities that would help advance the effectiveness and user experience of persuasive systems.

Key findings involve a) the effect of context and social roles on individuals’ information processing, b) the role of self-image in how persuasive messages are received and how persuasive systems are involved in the construction and maintenance of an individual’s self-concept, c) how information processing styles manifest in persuasive message handling and how persuasive message delivery strategy can affect the fluency of message intake, and d) how system and user experience design play an important role in ensuring effective and unobstructed message delivery.

Associate Professor Anna Spagnolli from University of Padova served as an opponent and Professor Harri Oinas-Kukkonen, director of OASIS and dean of Graduate School from University of Oulu served as custos.

The dissertation can be found here:



Last updated: 16.11.2020