1st International workshop on Behavior Change Support Systems (BCSS) - April 2013 - Sydney

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

An array of persuasive applications have been developed over the past decade with an aim to induce desirable behavior change. Persuasive applications have shown promising results in motivating and supporting people to change or adopt new behaviors and attitudes.

The purpose of this workshop is to develop a richer understanding of the Behavior Change Support Systems (BCSSs) – as an object Persuasive Technology. The workshop will provide a platform where students, researchers, experts and practitioners will have an opportunity to not only present their work but equally importantly develop a mutual and broader understanding of Behavior Change models using the BCSSs.

The participants of the workshop will have a unique opportunity to discuss their work including on-going work relating to the design process of developing BCSSs for health, well-being, persuasive design, ethical issues, measuring behavior, task adherence and persuasive techniques.

The workshop will also cover research designs and methodologies that are applicable to BCSSs.

The workshop will be organized at the 8th International Conference on Persuasive Technology April 3-5, Sydney, Australia.

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Last updated: 3.5.2019