Scientific leader of the OASIS research group

Oinas-Kukkonen, Harri

Ph.D, Professor

Scientific Leader of the OASIS research group, Principal InvestigatorRelated interests: Persuasive systems design, Behavior change support systems, Webflow user experience, Social web, Innovation creation, Organizational and social knowledge, History of computing, Next generation of the web



Principal Investigators

Oinas-Kukkonen, Henry

Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Humanities, Adjunct Professor
Associate Scientific Leader of the OASIS Research Group, Principal Investigator

Related Interests: History of computing, Social web and innovation, International relations and information networks


Pulli, Petri

Ph.D., Professor, Education Dean, Dept. of Information Processing Science
Principal Investigator



Affiliated Adjunct Professors and Researchers

Lehto, Tuomas

PhD, Post doc researcher

Related interests: Persuasive systems analysis, design & evaluation, Behavior change support systems


Mäntymäki, Matti



Yetim, Fahri

Ph.D., Professor of Information Systems, FOM University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany

Related Interests: Human - Centered Information Systems Design, in Particular Value Sensitive and Motivational Design. Persuasive Systems Design and Behavior Change, Discourse and Participation Support Technology, Personalization, Cultural Aspects of Information Systems


Postdoc Researchers

Juntunen, Kaisu



Karppinen, Pasi


Related interests: Webflow user experience, Qualitative research


Oduor, Michael


Related interests: Persuasive systems design and evaluation, Behavior change, Social web, Social Psychology, Social networks


Tikka, Piiastiina


Related interests: Persuasive technology and behaviour change, Cognitive and social psychology, Persuasive user experience


Shao, Xiuyan


Related interests: Information security investments, Behavioral Change, Quantitative Research Methods


Doctoral Students

Alahäivälä, Tuomas

Related Interests: Persuasive web design patterns, Persuasive games, Gamification

Chaudary, Babar Shahzad


Firouzian, Aryan

Related interests: Health monitoring systems, Assistive user interface, Prototyping


Halttu, Kirsi

Related interests: Contextual elements in persuasive systems and behaviour change in general, Affective computing and neuroIS, Persuasion as user experience


Honkamäkilä, Hanna

Related interests: Innovation policy, Regional development, History of science


Kekkonen, Markku

Related interests: Design, implementation and effectiveness of persuasive technology and persuasive features in information systems; Occupational mHealth/eHealth


Kuonanoja, Liisa

Related interests: Persuasive Systems, Unintended consequences


Leinonen, Eeva


Mian, Salman Qayyum

Related interests: Empowering individuals for healthcare and wellness through persuasion, the role of Affective Computing in Persuasive Technologies, Mobile health, Sensors and the Social Web.


Paajala, Iikka


Shevchuk, Nataliya

Related interests: behavioral economics


Steiny, Donald

Related interests: Social networks


Doctoral Graduates

Oduor, Michael (2018)

Doctoral dissertation: Persuasive software design patterns and user perceptions of behaviour change support systems



Asghar, Zeeshan (2018)

Doctoral dissertation: Remote activity guidance for the elderly utilizing light projection



Karppinen, Pasi (2016)

Doctoral dissertation: Studying user experience of health behavior change support systems : a qualitative approach to individuals’ perceptions of web-based interventions



Hyry, Jaakko (2015)

Doctoral dissertation: Designing projected user interfaces as assistive technology for the elderly



Pouke, Matti (2015)

Doctoral dissertation: Augmented virtuality. Transforming real human activity into virtual environments



Niskanen, Ilkka (2015)

Doctoral dissertation: Semantic visualization for smart spaces – merging the material and digital worlds



Harjumaa, Marja (2014)

Doctoral dissertation: On the Development of Persuasive Systems: A framework for designing and evaluating behavior change support systems and its applicability for e-Health



Stibe, Agnis (2014)

Doctoral dissertation: Socially influencing systems: persuading people to engage with publicly displayed Twitter-based systems



Langrial, Sitwat (2014)

Doctoral dissertation: Exploring the influence of persuasive reminders and virtual rehearsal on the efficacy of health behavior change support system



Lehto, Tuomas (2013)

Doctoral dissertation: The importance of persuasive systems design in enhancing consumers’ perceptions and adoption of health behavior change support systems



Segerståhl, Katarina (2011)

Doctoral dissertation: Cross-platform functionality in practice: exploring the influence of system composition on user experiences of personal exercise monitoring



Alahuhta, Petteri (2011)

Doctoral dissertation: Technologies in mobile terminals enabling ubiquitous services



Räisänen, Teppo (2010)

Doctoral dissertation: All for one, one for all: organizational knowledge creation and utilization using a new generation of IT tools



Pahnila, Seppo (2006)

Doctoral dissertation: Assessing the usage of personalized web information systems



Siponen, Mikko (2002)

Doctoral dissertation: Designing secure information systems and software: critical evaluation of the existing approaches and a new paradigm



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