Geophysical Research Intruments

The University of Oulu  has a wide variety of field equipments of applied geophysics for the needs of teaching and research.

To be able to fully utilize measured data it's important to have computer programs for interpretation. Some modelling and interpretation software are self-made, but commercial geophysical software are used especially in teaching.

Measurement services

The division of geophysics works in co-operation with other departments and research institutes offering help with field equipment, research and interpretation of applied geophysics. Field equipment and services are also available for rent outside of the university.

Geophysics field equipment

Magnetics: Geometrics G858, (Cs) absorption magnetometer.

Gravity: Scintrex CG5.Gravimeter CG5

Seismics: Geometrics Geode; 24 channels.

GPR: Malå Ramac; ProEx & CUI + 100 & 800 MHz shielded antennas, 50 MHz RTA ja 50 & 200 MHz unshielded antennas.

Electrical resistivity sounding and profiling (dc): Eda R-plus.

AMT/MT-sounding:  FMTU2007-equipment.

TEM-sounding (pulse-EM): AEMR TEM-Fast 48 HPC.

VLF-and VLF-R: Geonics EM16-R.

Self potential: CuSO4-elektrodes and multimeters.

Mini-Slingram: Gefinex 200S.



ESRI ArcGIS, Encom Modelvision (grav.+magn.) & Profile Analyst, AEMR TEM-Researcher, Geode and Geometrics seismic software, DECO VLF-R kerrosmallitulkintaRadExPro, Sandmeier ReflexW. Several modelling, interpretation and processing softwares developed in the university. Also e.g. Golden Softwaren Grapher, Surfer ja Voxler are widely used..

Petrophysics laboratory

Manufactured by the GSF petrophysics laboratory has capability to measure density, magnetic susceptibility and electrical conductivity.


Last updated: 29.8.2014