Geotechnical Laboratory

The Geotechnical Laboratory is a joint laboratory of Water and Environmental Engineering (Technical Faculty) and Oulu Mining School, in which basic geotechnical properties are determined for soil samples and industrial by-products, such as tailings sand, ash and slag, using various equipments, including those for expansion, frost heave, leaching and adsorption tests, and oedometer. Among the properties to be determined are the particle size distribution and structure, hydraulic properties, shear strength and compressibility. There is also an instrument for measuring oxygen isotope compositions of natural waters. 

The facility is also used as a teaching laboratory for courses of geomechanics, environmental engineering and soil science.

More information:
professor Björn Klöve, Laboratory of Water and Environmental Engineering, bjorn.klowe(at), phone 0294 484510
professori Kauko Kujala,Laboratory of Water and Environmental Engineering, kauko.kujala(at), phone 0294 484332
professori Juha Pekka Lunkka, Oulu Mining School, juha.pekka.lunkka(at), phone 0294 481434
laboratory manager Tuomo Pitkänen, Laboratory of Water and Environmental Engineering, tuomo.pitkanen(at), phone 0294 484340

Last updated: 2.9.2014