5-year Degree Programmes

Applicants who want to do a degree in Geosciences apply for the 5-year Bachelor's of Science plus Master's of Science Programme through the joint national application system. Teaching is given in Finnish in the Degree Programme of Geosciences.

Admission to the 5-year Degree Programme in Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing covering the Bachelor of Science in Technology and Master of Science in Technology degrees and Master of Science in Technology degrees (from 2019 only 2-y Master's) is through the national joint application system, DIA. The Degree Programme also allows graduation with specialisation in Applied Geophysics. Those students who have completed a Bachelor's of Science degree in Physics at the Oulu University or elsewhere and have a sufficient amount of basic and intermediate level cources in Geophysics, can apply (separately from the DIA) for the 2-year Master's programme with specialisation in Geophysics.

Last updated: 13.6.2018