Completed PhD Projects


Jukka-Pekka Ranta
Geological evolution and gold mineralization in the northern part of the Peräpohja belt, Finland: Evidence from whole-rock and mineral chemistry, and radiogenic and stable isotopes

Kirsi Luolavirta
Magmatic evolution of the Kevitsa igneous complex, northern Finland, and its relation to the associated Ni-Cu-(PGE) mineralization

Ekaterina Kaparulina
Eurasian Arctic ice sheets in transitions: consequences for climate, environment and ocean circulation


Jukka Konnunaho
Komatiite-hosted Ni-Cu-PGE deposits in Finland: Their characterization, PGE content, and petrogenesis


Hanna Silvennoinen
3D structure of the crust and upper mantle beneath Northern Fennoscandian shield


Ninna Immonen
Glaciations and climate in the Cenozoic Arctic - Evidence from microtextures of ice-rafted quartz grains

Maria Cherevatova
Electrical conductivity structure of the lithosphere in western Fennoscandia from three-dimensional magnetotelluric data

Olga Lisitsyna
Modern pollen reference material and its application in Palaeoecological studies
Res Terrae, Series A, Contributions No. 36

Vera Egorova
Mechanisms of differentiation operating at magma chamber margins: insights from marginal reversals in mafic layered intrusions and sills


Sofya Chistyakova
Processes of magma differentation and crystallization operating in basaltic conduits: insights from internal chemical zonation of mafic dykes

Juha Köykkä
Sedimentology of the Mesoproterozoic Telemark basin-fills, South Norway: implications for sedimentation processes, depositional environments and tectonic evolution

Niko Putkinen
Late Weichselian deglaciation chronology and palaeoenvironments in Northern Karelia, NW Russia


Kauko Holappa
Pohjois-Pohjanmaan, Kainuun ja Koillismaan suotyyppien sukkessio, turpeiden ominaisuudet ja suokasvien ekologia

Tuomo Karinen
The Koillismaa intrusion, Northeastern Finland: evidence for PGE reef forming processes in the layered series


Mari Kuoppamaa
Characteristics of the temporal, spatial and taxonomic resolution of palynological data from the northern boreal forest of Finnish Lapland

Teemu Öhman
The structural control of polygonal impact craters

Antti Pasanen
The application of ground penetrating radar to the study of Quaternary depositional environments


Risto Kaukonen
Sulfide-poor platinum-group element deposits. A mineralogical approach with case studies and examples from the literature

Aulis Kinnunen
Palaeoproterozoic high-sulphidation epithermal gold deposit at Orivesi, southern Finland

Vesa Nykänen
Spatial data analysis as a tool for mineral prospectivity mapping


Juho Junttila
Clay minerals in response to Mid-Pliocene glacial history and climate in the polar regions (ODP, Site 1165, Prydz Bay, Antarctica and Site 911, Yermak Plateau, Arctic Ocean)

Timo Parviainen
Ruokohelpiviljelyn optimointi suopohjilla. Turvetuotantoalueiden geologisen ympäristön, pohjaturpeen sekä kierrätyslannoitteiden käytön vaikutus ruokohelpin käyttämiin alkuaineisiin ja satoon

Anna Sinisalo
Geophysical exploration of Antarctic blue ice areas (BIAs) for paleoclimate applications


Aslak Grinsted
Advanced methods of glaciological modelling and time series analysis

Tuomo Korkalo
Gold and copper deposits in Central Lapland, Northern Finland, with special reference to their exploration and exploitation

Timo Saarenketo
Electrical properties of road materials and subgrade soils and the use of Ground Penetrating Radar in traffic infrastructure surveys


Kari Moisio
Numerical lithospheric modelling: rheology, stress and deformation in the central Fennoscandian Shield

Pertti Sarala
Glacial morphology and dynamics with till geochemical exploration in the ribbed moraine area of Peräpohjola, Finnish Lapland

Tuomo Törmänen
Ore mineralogy, geochemistry, and formation of the sediment-hosted sea floor massive sulfide deposits at Escanaba Trough, NE Pacific, with emphasis on the transport and deposition of gold

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