Oulu Mining School Research Centre


Geochemical services

  • Moisture content determination (105°C)
  • Loss on ignition 550°C, SFS-EN 12879, 950°C,800°C, 600°C tai 480°C
  • pH-determination: Water samples; SFS 3021, Soil Samples; SFS-ISO 10390, shaking test
  • Electrical conductivity: Water samples; SFS-EN 27888, Soil samples; ISO 11265U, Shaking test
  • Nitro hydrochloric acid leaching 90°C; modified SFS-ISO 11466, also in room temperature
  • Partial leaching (Weak leaching), Modified from Tessier
  • Noble metal analyses
    • Pn Fire Assay (20g): Au, Pt, Pd; FAAS analysis
    • Ore sample (1g): Noble metal leaching, FAAS analysis
  • Complete leaching of ore sample and FAAS analysis; Cu, Co, Ni, Pb, Zn and Ag, leaching: HCl+HNO3+HF+HClO3
  • Ferro iron determination; Fe2+ and Fe3, FeO%.
  • Heavy liquid separation: LST(Sodiumheteropolytungstate) d= 2,82 g/l, Dijomethane d=3,32 g/l

Mining technical services

  • Breaking strength test
  • SHPB Blasting research, simulation of rock blasting
  • Bond Work index
  • Para magnetic materials separation

Leaching and flotation laboratory

Flotation laboratory runs the individual analyses which are used to view material properties. Typical sample sizes are between few grams to ten kilos.
  • Batch flotation tests
  • Flotation design and formulation
  • Particle size distribution
  • Viscosity measurement
  • Specific gravity measurement

Minipilot services

  • Process flow testing
  • Process water analysis
  • Software testing
  • Continuous process formula testing

Sample preparation

  • Polished thin section
  • XRF-samples, pressed button, melted button
  • Rock sawing services

Training services

  • Enrichment training
  • Blasting design training