Doctoral Training Plan

During the first study year of their doctoral training, doctoral researcher must write a more detailed research plan in close collaboration with the Principal Supervisor (and other supervisors, if applicable), as part of their doctoral training plan and present it in the first follow-up group meeting.

Doctoral training plan includes:

  • a research plan (incl. a funding plan),
  • a personal study plan (OodiPSP Quick guide)
  • a career plan.

After the first follow-up meeting, the student’s follow-up group recommends the approval of the doctoral training plan to the relevant Doctoral Training Committee, which then formally accepts the plan. Accepted Doctoral Training Plan is required part of the mandatory study requirements and is worth 3 ECTS.

Instructions for writing a doctoral training plan and the follow-up group meetings can be found from forms library.

Last updated: 17.8.2020