Scientific research and ethics, 920002J, 2 ECTS credits

Instructions and course schedule for Spring 2020


The course includes:

A. An online course (max. 5 weeks) covering general ethical topics applicable to all fields of research. This part of the course is shared by all Finnish Universities and includes a “virtual” group work. This part of course is available in Finnish (only) in the Spring session and in English (only) in the Autumn session;

B. Field-specific lectures (6 h). Students must attend all lectures of at least one of the field-specific topics (1 – 3) listed below. This part of the course is available in English (only) in the Autumn session, and in Finnish (only) in the Spring session.

In order to pass this course, students must successfully complete both parts (A & B) of the course either in a single semester, or within two consecutive semesters. It is recommended (but not obligatory) that the course be completed in the order A-B.

The online course (part A) can be found at . Students can familiarise themselves with the online course material in advance (folder ‘Research Ethics’ and within that ‘Research Ethics - Open Learning Course’). However, it is not possible to complete any tasks, or gain any credits, in this open learning environment outside of the formal course schedule for each semester. This can only be done in the Oulu University Research Ethics Course environment.

For the Spring 2020 session, the Oulu University Research Ethics Course environment will be opened on 16 March 2020 and will be closed on 19 April 2020.

Students who have registered for the course will be sent an e-mail with instructions on how to access the Oulu University Research Ethics Course environment (part A), and on how to participate in the “virtual” group work, on 13 March 2020. Please check that your email in Weboodi is up to date.

The field-specific lectures (part B) may be followed either in the lecture room, or via direct Zoom video link, and/or via a recorded video stream.

The schedule for field-specific lectures (obligatory “attendance” in all sessions of at least one of the following topics (1 – 3) is as follows:

1. Human sciences

All lectures in Linnanmaa (see Zoom video link)

Jarmo Pulkkinen: Wednesday 18.03.20 12.15-14.00 PR104
Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen: Tuesday 24.03.20 14.15-16.00  L8
Matti Lehtihalmes:  Monday 30.03.20 14.15-16.00  SÄ102 


2. Life Sciences (see Zoom video link)

All lectures in Kontinkangas


Hanna-Marja Voipio: Thursday 19.03.20 12.15-14.00 P117
Jouko Miettunen: Monday 23.03.20  10.15-12.00 P107
Riitta Veijola Thursday 26.03.20 12.15-14.00  337B


 3. Technology, Natural Sciences and Environment (see Zoom video link)

All lectures in Linnanmaa


Aarne Mämmelä: Friday 20.03.20 09.15-12.00 PR101 

Riitta Keiski: Thursday 02.04.20 12.15-15.00 SÄ105


Students who are working outside of Oulu, or who have other commitments at the times of the scheduled lectures for the field-specific topics (1 – 3), may follow the lectures via direct and/or recorded Zoom video streams.

The links to the recorded videos of each field-specific lecture will be sent to all students who have registered to the course a few days after each lecture.

Important: All students must ensure that their contact data in Oodi is up to date.


 Optional (i.e. if needed/desired) Consulting hours for the course.

· Monday 16.3.20  12.15-14.00  SÄ112 (Linnanmaa)

· Tuesday 17.3.20 12.15-14.00  P107 (Kontinkangas)

· Monday 23.3.20  14.15-16.00  L9 (Linnanmaa). Consulting hours do not include any lectures. They are intended for students in need of guidance with regard to the course in general. No Zoom link is provided for these sessions. Students from outside of Oulu may use e-mail (, if in need of guidance.

Responsible teacher for the course : Jarmo Pulkkinen.


Last updated: 11.3.2020