A multidisciplinary hub for data science and AI

Data Insight for High-Dimensional Dynamics (HiDyn)

Large data sets and dynamic modelling now penetrate all areas of research, yet a paucity of required expertise curtails full use of the rapidly growing data-based science. HiDyn is set up as a hub that extends University of Oulu´s high expertise in multidisciplinary data science and AI to serve a broader range of disciplines, with a focus on Bayesian predictive analytics and machine vision.

HiDyn is targeted to strongly benefit all our profiling areas and the 6G Flagship in their tasks to address global challenges (topics include climate change, arctic ecosystems, wireless sensors and disease prediction), and it will increase research-based development and know-how in the surrounding company ecosystem and in society. The research is carried out by transcending faculty boundaries.

Key personnel
The director: Mikko J. Sillanpää. The vice director: Olli Silvén. Coordinator: Leena Ruha
7.3.2018 Researcher

Mikko J. Sillanpää

29.8.2018 Researcher

Olli Silven

20.3.2018 Researcher

Leena Ruha