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Electronics, Master´s Programme in Electronics and Communications Engineering, Master of Science (Technology) (2 years)

  • Shanghai Ranking´s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020: #101–150 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • The studies combine both theoretical and practical approach
  • Specialisations in Electronics Design, Electronics Materials and Components, and Photonics and Measurement Technology.

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A new international degree programme that strongly leans on long-standing national degree programme in Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE). The Master’s Degree Programme in Electronics is a two-year programme concentrating with wide spectrum on development of the electronics components, measurement technologies and applications for various areas in ICT technology.

"University of Oulu has educated hundreds of electronic designers, testing engineers, project leaders, development managers, sales managers and researchers for international companies such as Nokia, Polar Electro, Elektrobit, Keysight, Bittium, Nordic Semiconductor, and Mediatek."

The two-year programme has three specialisation options:

  • Electronics Design
  • Electronics Materials and Components
  • Photonics and Measurement Technology

Electronics Design focuses on analog and digital circuits and systems design, with the main emphasis on design and verification of integrated circuits.

Electronic Materials and Components focuses on materials, processes and structures that are used to develop electronics devices and components. The devices and components are passive and active components, sensors, actuators, RF-devices, and circuit packages.

Photonics and Measurement Technology focuses on design of measurement systems and developing printed electronics. Spearheads of the measurement application fields are biomedical measurements, photonics, and printed electronics.

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Possible titles include:

  • Electronics Designer
  • System Designer
  • Testing Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Specialist
  • Research Scientist.