Applying to Master's Programmes

On this page you will find all the links to necessary information on how to apply to Master's Programmes available at the University of Oulu.


When applying, the most important thing to know are of course deadlines. There are a number of highly important deadlines you must remember and that cannot be altered.


All applicants must demonstrate their eligibility when they apply to our Master's Programmes. Please make sure you are eligible to apply to our Master's Programmes before sending your application.

Application Documents

Which application documents should you submit and when? We require certain attachments on our online application. Please see what we require, and when you should have the documents ready. We can only evaluate your application based on documents you have submitted.

After you have been accepted, you must verify your educational documents (Degree Certificate and Transcript of Records). There are a number of ways to do this and degrees from certain countries require special verification.

Language Requirements for Master's Programmes

All applicants must demonstrate their English language skills when applying to our Master's Programmes. All accepted students are also required to verify their proof of language skills. Read the instructions carefully and prepare the necessary documents well in advance.

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

International Programmes at the University of Oulu charge tuition fees from all students who are not citizens of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland. There are also a limited number of scholarships available for the most successful applicants.

GMAT and GRE Test Results

Some of our Master's Programmes use GMAT/GRE test results in their student selection process. Please check if your programme uses GMAT/GRE, and if so, make sure you complete your test on time and attach it onto our online application form.

Contact Information

If you have carefully read the instructions on these pages and have a question for us, you can reach us in a few ways. Please note that we do not evaluate eligibility or your documents before the application period!

Education agent partners

We are partnering with a selected few educational agents. Visit the website for more information.

Looking for a Bachelor's instead?

If you are applying to a Bachelor's programme, please visit our Bachelor's Admissions pages.