Adeolu Adediran

Today, it is called industrial residue, tomorrow it will be called cement

Adeolu Adediran

Adeolu Adediran

M.Sc (Tech.) / M.Sc (Eng.)

Process and Environmental Engineering


Adeolu Adediran is a doctoral researcher in Fibre and Particle Engineering at the University of Oulu. He received his M.Sc in Civil Engineering from University of Ibadan, Nigeria in 2015 and also M.Tech in Process and Environmental Engineering from University of Oulu in 2017. His masters thesis was on alkali activation of industrial residues from metallurgical industries. After graduation, he continued  as a project researcher, working on several projects. His current research focus is on developing alternative cement and aggregates to produce alkali activated materials, thus promoting circular economy and sustainable development. He has participated and also presented at international conferences

Research interests

  • Alkali activated materials
  • Geopolymers
  • Waste recycling and utilization
  • Alternative cements and aggregates
  • Circular economy

Conferences Attended

1st International Conference on Smart Materials for Sustainable Construction—SMASCO 2019, Luleå, Sweden

Research Funding and Awards


Research Grant from Finnish Cultural Foundation: 'Ultra-high strength geopolymer concrete from industrial waste'(2021)

Research Grant from Renlund Foundation: 'Recycling and Utilization of Finnish Mine tailings for sustainable geopolymer concrete' (2019-2020)

Graduate Scholar Award Recipient at Seventh International conference on Urban and Extra Urban Studies, University of Pennsylvania, Phidephia, USA (2016)


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Research groups

  • Doctoral Researcher, Fibre and Particle Engineering Research Unit


GeoBot - Robotics for geopolymer material research and manufacturing

EAKR GeoBot - Robotics for geopolymer material research and manufacturing