Aida Hosseinian

MSc (Tech)

PhD Candidate


Aida Hosseinian is a doctoral researcher in the Water, Energy and Environmental Engineering (WE3) research unit at the Faculty of Technology with a background of Sustainable Engineering- Resource Recovery from Univeristy of BorĂ¥s , Sweden (MSc) and Material Science and Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran (MSc). Her PhD topic is about Phosphorus Recovery in the context of Circular Economy. 

Research interests

  • Resource Management
  • Circular Economy
  • Resource Recovery
  • Energy from Waste
  • Waste Management
  • Critical Raw Material

Social media

Research groups

  • Project Researcher, Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Unit


Circular economy

Transition Pathways to Circular Economy

Transition to a circular economy is seen as an essential condition to respond to the challenge of the sustainable use of natural resources in the f