Andrew Pattison


University Teacher
Medieval history, Middle English literature, Translation and Language editing


Andrew Pattison has been in the employ of the University of Oulu since 2003. He has taught English in many different units, ranging from Engineering to the Open University, but since 2008 has been a university teacher in English Philology, where he teaches courses on translation, language editing, Middle English, and American history. He studied at Finlandia University in the U.S., Raahe University of Applied Science, and the University of Oulu. He holds master’s degrees in English Philology and in History, and is presently a doctoral candidate at the University of Oulu Graduate School, where he researches medieval hunting literature. He is a freelance translator and language editor. He can often be found running on the woodland trails around the Linnanmaa campus, skating on the sea ice, or trying (unsuccessfully) to get his kids to school on time. Andrew has worked on a dairy farm in Central Ostrobothnia and as a lumberjack in Northern Ostrobothnia, which he likes to refer to as his ‘formal education’.

Research interests

  • Middle English literature
  • Medieval hunting
  • Animal–Human relations
  • Affordances of multilingualism


I teach on all levels of study in English Philology: basic, intermediate and advanced. During the academic year 2019–2020 I teach the following courses:

Autumn 2019:

  • 682428P  Academic Writing and Communication
  • 682394A  Translating into English
  • 682362S  Language and Language Editing
  • 682404S  North American History

Spring 2020:

  • 682362S  Language and Language Editing
  • 682417S  Middle English: Literature, Language and History 


Selected publications

  • Pattison, Andrew (2016) ‘Do not Give that which is Holy to Dogs’: Noble Hunting, the Curée Ritual, and the Eucharist. - Leeds studies in English New Series XLVII, 77-98 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Pattison, Andrew (2019) Ironic Imitations : Parody, Mockery, and the Barnyard Chase in the Nun's Priest's Tale. - Chaucer review 54 (2), 141-161 . [Original]