Antti Järvenpää


58 peer reviewed publications in international journals. The publications have been cited 328 times, of which the most cited publication accounts for 38 citations. The author has a h-index of 10.00. (Google scholar)


Material based steel research for implementing future manufacturing technologies in commercial application. Research is focusing mainly on 1) tailoring material properties using novel heat treatments and 2) manufacturing of advanced products using new materials and manufacturing methods, such as metal additive manufacturing.

1) Novel heat treatments: Combinations of fast and ultra-fast annealing technologies with various deformation methods such as cold rolling or shot peening. The study aims for enhancing the material properties of final products, but also to reduce environmental load of the manufacturing processes.

2) Advanced steel products: The research question is how to utilize the good material properties of steel into good properties of the final products. Comparison is made especially between additively manufactured parts and conventional methods. In additive manufacturing, the research has a strong focus on predicting and optimizing the fatigue strength of the manufactured parts.


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Selected publications

  • Järvenpää, Antti; Karjalainen, L. Pentti; Jaskari, Matias (2014) Effect of grain size on fatigue behavior of type 301LN stainless steel. - International journal of fatigue 65, 93-98
  • Järvenpää, Antti; Jaskari, Matias; Man, Jiri; Karjalainen, Pentti (2017) Austenite stability in reversion-treated structures of a 301LN steel under tensile loading. - Materials characterization 127, 12-26 . [Original]
  • Järvenpää, Antti; Jaskari, Matias; Man, Jiri; Karjalainen, L.P. (2017) Stability of grain-refined reversed structures in a 301LN austenitic stainless steel under cyclic loading. - Materials science and engineering A: Structural materials: properties, microstructure and processing 703, 280-292 . [Original]
  • Järvenpää, Antti; Jaskari, Matias; Karjalainen, Leo Pentti (2018) Reversed microstructures and tensile properties after various cold rolling reductions in AISI 301LN steel. - Metals 8 (2), 1-17 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Järvenpää, A.; Jaskari, M.; Hietala, M.; Mäntyjärvi, K. (2015) Local Laser Heat Treatments of Steel Sheets. - Physics Procedia 78, 296-304 . [Original]