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The University of Oulu Kerttu Saalasti Institute provides evidence-based knowledge and competence on micro-enterprises and their operating conditions. As a research institute focusing on micro-entrepreneurship, future production technologies and regional excellence, we produce information with an international influence. We are responsible for micro-entrepreneurship research and education at the national level. Kerttu Saalasti Institute’s strength is the societal impact of research.
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We produce research-based e-Learning on micro-entrepreneurship. The training enables continuous learning regardless of place of residence and time. We respond with foresight and agility to the changing competence needs.

The training contributes to the diversification and deepening of entrepreneurial competence and the strengthening of competitiveness. In addition, the threshold for starting a business will be lowered and the understanding of entrepreneurship, and its prerequisites and competence needs will be deepened. Our e-Learning serves entrepreneurs, those interested in entrepreneurship, as well as experts and decision-makers working with enterprises.

Prior academic studies are not required for participation in continuing education and open university studies. Our teaching is an interesting combination of theory, experience-based knowledge and good practices.

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Päivi Lohikoski, Chief Academic Officer

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