Fanny Vainionpää

Fanny Vainionpää


Project Coordinator, Doctoral Researcher
Information Processing Science


Fanny Vainionpää is a PhD candidate in Information Systems, in the INTERACT research unit. After finishing her Master's degree in the University of Oulu, she started working in the ESR funded LUNO project that aims to make IT more familiar to upper secondary school students in Oulu. In research, she has been looking into the image of the IT field, and what are the undelrying reasons for why women do not see it as a career option. On a broader scale, Fanny is interested in social change, design, and culture in the context of IT.

Research interests

  • Information Systems
  • HCI
  • Management
  • Gender
  • Social change
  • Culture


Social media

Research groups

  • PhD student, INTERACT

Selected publications

  • Vainionpää, Fanny; Kinnula, Marianne; Iivari, Netta; Molin-Juustila, Tonja (2019) Girls' choice - why won't they pick it?. (Artikkeli tieteellisessä konferenssijulkaisussa). - Proceedings of the 27th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), Stockholm & Uppsala, Sweden, June 8-14, 2019. Ei sarjaa/No series, 31. [Original]
  • Vainionpää, Fanny; Kinnula, Marianne; Iivari, Netta; Molin-Juustila, Tonja (2019) Gendering and Segregation in Girls’ Perceptions of IT as a Career Choice – A Nexus Analytic Inquiry. (Artikkeli tieteellisessä konferenssijulkaisussa). - Information Systems Development: Information Systems Beyond 2020 (ISD2019 Proceedings) August 28-24, 2019 Toulon, France. Siarheyeva, A.; Laville, A.; Pérocheau, G.; Barry, C.; Lang, M.; Linger, H.; Schneider, C.. Ei sarjaa/No series, ISEN Yncréa Méditerranée. 1-12