Jonna Malmberg

Jonna Malmberg


Learning Sciences


Jonna Malmberg works at the University of Oulu, in Learning and Learning Processes (LLP) Research Unit and is also member of Learning and Educational Technology (LET) Research Unit.  She was appointed as an Assistant Professor (tenure track) in the GenZ strategic profiling theme Co-evolution of humans and new technologies in the emerging digital era. Jonna´s research is focuses on strategic and self-regulated learning in solo and collaborative learning settings. Also, Jonna explores how to support strategic and self-regulated learning with the use of adaptive technologies. Recently, she has been exploring how physiological data, such as electrodermal activity is connected to self-regulated learning in individual and collaborative learning settings and how to help learners to develop their learning skills.  

Research interests

  • Temporal and sequential processes of regulated learning
  • Metacognition in regulated learning
  • Physiological signals in learning processes
  • Supporting regulated learning with advanced technologies

Research groups

  • Learning and Educational Technology Research Unit (LET) (
  • See The LET Blog:


Making Complex Learning processes Visible for Enabling Regulation: Change human behavior for learning success

Strategic research project of the University of OuluFocus institute: EudaimoniaFaculty: Education