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Prof. Juha Röning

Juha Röning


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Juha Röning is Professor of Embedded System at the University of Oulu. He serves also as Visiting Professor of Tianjin University of Technology, P. R. China. He is principal investigator of the Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems Group (BISG). In 1985 he received Asla/Fullbright scholarship. From 1985 to 1986 he was a visiting research scientist in the Center for Robotic Research at the University of Cincinnati. From1986 to1989 he held a Young Researcher Position in the Finnish Academy. In 2000 he was nominated as Fellow of SPIE. He has two patents and has published more than 300 papers in the areas of computer vision, robotics, intelligent signal analysis, and software security. He is currently serving as a Board of Director for euRobotics aisbl. He is also a steering board member of ARTMIS-IA.

Research interests

  • robotics
  • computer vision
  • intelligent signal analysis
  • software security

Professional and community activities

  • euRobotics BoD, ExT
  • Artemis-IA Board

Research groups

  • Head of Research Unit, Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems (BISG)

Selected publications

  • Siirtola, Pekka; Koskimäki, Heli; Mönttinen, Henna; Röning, Juha (2018) Using Sleep Time Data from Wearable Sensors for Early Detection of Migraine Attacks. - Sensors 18 (5), 1374 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Vallivaara, Ilari; Poikselkä, Katja; Kemppainen, Anssi; Röning, Juha (2018) Quadtree-based ancestry tree maps for 2D scattered data SLAM. - Advanced robotics 32 (5), 215-230 . [Original]
  • Xu, Qi; Junttila, Sanna; Scherer, Andreas; Giri, Khem Raj; Kivelä, Oona; Skovorodkin, Ilya; Röning, Juha; Quaggin, Susan E.; Marti, Hans-Peter; Shan, Jingdong; Samoylenko, Anatoly; Vainio, Seppo J. (2017) Renal carcinoma/kidney progenitor cell chimera organoid as a novel tumorigenesis gene discovery model.. - Disease models and mechanisms 10 (12), 1503-1515 . [Original]
  • Poikselkä, Katja; Leinonen, Mikko; Palosaari, Jaakko; Vallivaara, Ilari; Röning, Juha; Juuti, Jari (2017) Novel genetically optimised high-displacement piezoelectric actuator with efficient use of active material. - Smart Materials and Structures 26 (9), 095022 . http://dx.doi.org/10.1088/1361-665X/aa770a. [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Vallivaara, Ilari; Poikselkä, Katja; Rikula, Pauli; Röning, Juha (2016) Systematic Alias Sampling: An Efficient and Low-Variance Way to Sample from a Discrete Distribution. - ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 43 (3), 18 . [Original]
  • Peltokangas, Mikko; Vehkaoja, Antti; Huotari, Matti; Verho, Jarmo; Mattila, Ville M.; Röning, Juha; Romsi, Pekka; Lekkala, Jukka; Oksala, Niku (2017) Combining finger and toe photoplethysmograms for the detection of atherosclerosis. - Physiological measurement 38 (2), 139-154 . [Original]
  • Pietikäinen, Pekka; Kettunen, Atte; Röning, Juha (2016) Steps towards fuzz testing in agile test automation. - International Journal of Secure Software Engineering 7 (1), 38-52 . [Original]
  • Aho, Pekka; Kanstren, Teemu; Räty, Tomi; Röning, Juha (2014) Automated Extraction of GUI Models for Testing. Advances in Computers. Memon, Atif. - Advances in Computers 95. Waltham, USA. 49-112
  • Röning, Juha; Holappa, Jukka; Kellokumpu, Vili-Petteri; Tikanmäki, Antti; Pietikäinen, Matti (2014) Minotaurus: a system for affective human-robot interaction in smart environments. - Cognitive Computation 6 (4), 940-953
  • Ahola, Riitta; Pyky, Riitta; Jämsä, Timo; Mäntysaari, Matti; Koskimäki, Heli; Ikäheimo, Tiina M.; Huotari, Maija-Leena; Röning, Juha; Heikkinen, Hannu I.; Korpelainen, Raija (2013) Gamified physical activation of young men : a Multidisciplinary Population-Based Randomized Controlled Trial (MOPO study). - BMC Public health 13, 1-8, 32 . [Original]
  • Vallius Tero, Röning Juha (2009) EOC: Electronic Building Blocks for Embedded Systems. - IEEE Design & Test magazine 26 (6), 74 - 83 . [Original]


Rendering of a drone standing on a pipe and performing measurements with its robotic hyperredundant inspection manipulator. (Image: Luca Buonocore)

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