Juha Tuunainen

Juha Tuunainen


Professor (Management: Organizational Behaviour)

32 peer reviewed publications in international journals.


Juha Tuunainen is Professor of Management (organizational behaviour) in Oulu Business School, the University of Oulu. His research has covered a range of research areas stretching from organizational sociology to science, technology and innovation studies. His research has focused on organizational behaviour, innovation policy, processes and networks, public engagement with science and commercialization of scientific research results. Presently, he is involved in research, which focuses on transformation of university organization, especially in relation to entrepreneurial education.

Research interests

  • organizational behaviour
  • university organization
  • hybrid organizations
  • learning
  • science-society interaction and networks
  • science, technology and innovation processes

Ongoing and finalized research projects

  • Societally Engaged University: Observing Hybridity in University Organization, Academy of Finland, PI Tuunainen, 2018-23.
  • Systemic and Human Empowerment in the Revolution of Health Care (SHERLOC), Eudaimonia Institute, University of Oulu, WP PI Tuunainen (project PI Tuija Mainela), 2018-21.
  • Open Innovation on the Borderline of University-enterprise Cooperation, Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, WP PI Tuunainen (project PI Janne Lehenkari), 2013-15 .
  • University-society Relationship and Institutions of Research Collaboration, University of Helsinki, PI Tuunainen, 2012-14.
  • Universities, Funding Systems, and the Renewal of the Industrial Knowledge Base, Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, WP PI Tuunainen (project PI Terttu Luukkonen), 2012-14.
  • Varieties of the Third Mission: Mechanisms and Institutions of University-society Relationship in Different Disciplines, University of Helsinki, PI Tuunainen, 2010-11.

Current and past professional activities

  • Ethics Committee of Human Sciences, University of Oulu
  • European Concerted Research Action (COST) IS0604 Science and Technology in a Knowloledge-based Economy, Member of Management Group
  • International Sociological Association (SA), Research Committee 23 – Sociology of Science and Technology,  Board Member
  • Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies, Chairman and Memeber of Executive Board
  • Editorial Board Memberships (Science and Technology Studies, Tiedepolitiikka, Outlines - Critical Practice Studies)
  • Ad hoc Reviewer (e.g., Social Studies of Science, Scandinavian Journal of Management, Organization Science, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Science, Technology, & Human Values, Science and Public Policy, Technological Forecasting and Social Change...)

Selected recent publications

  • Pekka Belt & Juha Tuunainen (2021) The work-related well-being of solo, micro and small business entrepreneurs. Nordic Journal of Business 70, 2, in press.
  • Kaisu Jansson, Juha Tuunainen & Tuija Mainela (2021) Concealing paradoxes in decision-making during hospital hybridization – A systems theoretical analysis. Journal of Health Organization and Management, in press.
  • Juha Tuunainen, Kari Kantasalmi & Sari Laari-Salmela (2021) Experimenting in the Organisational Periphery: Introducing Extra-curricular Entrepreneurship Education in Traditional Research Universities. A chapter in Päivi Eriksson, Ulla Hytti, Katri Komulainen, Tero Montonen & Päivi Siivonen (eds.) New Movements in Academic Entrepreneurship. Edward Elgar, in press.
  • Juha Tuunainen, Reijo Miettinen & Terhi Esko (2020) Tieteen vapaus, vastuu ja vaikuttavuus: Kontrolli vai luottamus? [Freedom, Responsibility and Impact of Science: Control or Trust?] In Esa Väliverronen & Kai Ekholm (eds.) Tieteen vapaus ja tutkijan sananvapaus [Freedom of Science and Researcher’s Freedom of Speech]. Vastapaino, 103-133.
  • Terhi Esko & Juha Tuunainen (2019): Achieving Social Impact of Science: Longitudinal Analysis of Public Press Debate on Urban Development and Policy. Science and Public Policy 46(3), 404-414.
  • Kari Kantasalmi & Juha Tuunainen (2018) Discipline-making and Organizational Permeability of the University: Discussing the Notion of Organizational Field. Chapter in Leopold Ringel, Petra Hiller & Charlene Zietsma (eds.) Towards Permeable Boundaries of Organizations? Research in the Sociology of Organizations. Emerald, Bingley, UK.
  • Hannamari Heino & Juha Tuunainen (2018) Heading for Decline? The Significance of Disturbances in the Strategic Management Process. International Journal of Strategic Change Management 7, 2, 139-159.
  • Virpi Mustonen, Juha Tuunainen, Pasi Pohjola & Kai Hakkarainen (2017) Organisational Learning in Forensic Fingerprint Investigation: Solving Critical Challenges with Organisational Rule Construction. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction 13, June, 75-89.
  • Juha Tuunainen & Kari Kantasalmi (2017) Advancing Understanding about the Relationship between Science, University and Society – An Introduction. Science & Technology Studies 30, 2, 2-13.
  • Reijo Miettinen, Juha Tuunainen & Terhi Esko (2015) Epistemological, Artefactual and Interactional-Institutional Foundations of Social Impact of Academic Research. Minerva 53, 3, 257-277.
  • Virpi Mustonen, Kai Hakkarainen, Juha Tuunainen & Pasi Pohjola (2015) Discrepancies in Expert Decision-making in Forensic Fingerprint Examination. Forensic Science International 254, 215-226.
  • Juha Tuunainen & Reijo Miettinen (2012) Building Trust in Research-based Product Development Collaboration. International Journal of Innovation Management 16, 4.
  • Juha Tuunainen (2011) High-Tech Hopes: Policy Objectives and Business Reality in the Biopharmaceutical Industry. Science and Public Policy 38, 5, 338-348.
  • Juha Tuunainen (2011) The Emergence of Perceived Trust and Distrust: The Case of a Small Finnish Pharmaceutical Company. International Journal of Technoentrepreneurship 2, 3-4, 345-361.
  • Juha Tuunainen & Tarja Knuuttila (2009) Intermingling Academic and Business Activities – A New Direction for Science and Universities? Science, Technology, & Human Values 34, 6, 684-704.

Social media

Scientific merits

Thesis supervisions

  • Mustonen, Virpi; University of Helsinki (2018): Challenges of Expertise and Organizational Learning during the Digital Transformation of Forensic Fingerprint Investigation

  • Esko, Terhi; University of Helsinki (2020): Societal Problem Solving and University Research : Science-Society Interaction and Social Impact in the Educational and Social Sciences

  • Doctoral dissertations under supervision: 7

  • Chairman of follow-up groups of doctoral students: 7

  • Master's Theses supervision: circa 50 (since 2014)