Katja Dindar

Katja Dindar


Postdoctoral researcher


I am interested in human social interaction, communication and attention, and all things autism. I am currently investigating how young adults with autism watch and interpret complex dynamic social scenes using eye tracking measures. I am also involved in projects examining i) the social-pragmatic communication skills of young adults with autism, ii) student teachers' attitudes towards individuals with autism, and iii) everyday and institutional interaction involving children with autism using conversation analysis.

Previously I have studied psychology at the University of Eastern Finland (MA 2012, PhD 2017). In my PhD research, I applied multimodally informed conversation analysis to examine video recordings and live eye tracking data involving children with autism.

Research interests

  • autism spectrum disorder
  • social interaction
  • multimodal communication


Social media


Understanding the communication and social features of individuals with autism spectrum disorder in the current society

Strategic research project of the University of OuluFocus institute: EudaimoniaFaculty: Humanities