Kristina Mikkonen

Kristina Mikkonen


Senior research fellow, docent
Health Sciences

55 peer reviewed publications in international journals. The publications have been cited 536 times. The author has a h-index of 12.00.


As a senior research fellow, my purpose is to produce high-quality scientific research and educate new creative experts, educators, and leaders for the changing field of social and health care in partnership with the scientific community of nursing science at the University of Oulu, and with national and international collaborators. I lead a research group of Health Care Education and Competence (HealthEduCom). My in-depth expertise is within the research area of education and competence of social and health care experts, work-related learning environments and mentoring, immigrant workforce, and digital technology education. 

I lead, as a principal investigator, international and national research projects by actively implementing research outcomes in an educational context with students, educators, researchers, and organizational leaders. I integrate students into my research projects and guide them in the development and implementation of new evidence into educational and/or clinical practice. I have raised and received over 1mln euro for educational nursing science research since 2014.

Research interests

  • Digital technology education and its effects on the users
  • Competence-based education of vocational, higher degree, and continuous social- and healthcare education
  • Work-related learning environments and mentoring
  • Immigrant workforce- models on the integration of immigrant nurses into healthcare organizations.

Social media

Scientific merits

Professional and community activities

  • Assistant Editor @Nurse Education Today Journal
  • Chair of the research committee of the research unit of Nursing Science and Health Management
  • Educational Committee member of Nordic Finland Oulu University Hospital
  • Secretary of Nursing Science Association in Finland (HTTS ry) 2019
  • Student representative in Doctoral training committee for Health and Biosciences 2015-2017
  • Committee member of the Doctoral Students’ Section 2015-2017
  • Member of the Degree programme committee in Nursing Science and Health 2015-2017

Selected publications

  • Männistö, Merja; Mikkonen, Kristina; Vuopala, Essi; Kuivila, Heli-Maria; Virtanen, Mari; Kyngäs, Helvi; Kääriäinen, Maria (2019) Effects of a digital educational intervention on collaborative learning in nursing education: A quasi-experimental study. - Nordic journal of nursing research 39 (4), 191-200 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Konttila, Jenni; Siira, Heidi; Kyngäs, Helvi; Lahtinen, Minna; Elo, Satu; Kääriäinen, Maria; Kaakinen, Pirjo; Oikarinen, Anne; Yamakawa, Miyae; Fukui, Sakiko; Utsumi, Momoe; Higami, Yoko; Higuchi, Akari; Mikkonen, Kristina (2019) Healthcare professionals’ competence in digitalisation : a systematic review. - Journal of clinical nursing 28 (5-6), 745-761 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Mikkonen, Kristina; Koskinen, Monika; Koskinen, Camilla; Koivula, Meeri; Koskimäki, Minna; Lähteenmäki, Marja‐Leena; Mäki‐Hakola, Hanne; Wallin, Outi; Sjögren, Tuulikki; Salminen, Leena; Sormunen, Marjorita; Saaranen, Terhi; Kuivila, Heli‐Maria; Kääriäinen, Maria (2019) Qualitative study of social and healthcare educators’ perceptions of their competence in education. - Health and social care in the community 27 (6), 1555–1563 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Mikkonen, Kristina; Tuomikoski, Anna-Maria; Sjögren, Tuulikki; Koivula, Meeri; Koskimäki, Minna; Lähteenmäki, Marja-Leena; Mäki-Hakola, Hanne; Wallin, Outi; Sormunen, Marjorita; Saaranen, Terhi; Koskinen, Camilla; Koskinen, Monika; Salminen, Leena; Holopainen, Arja; Kääriäinen, Maria (2020) Development and testing of an instrument (HeSoEduCo) for health and social care educators' competence in professional education. - Nurse education today 84, 104239 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Immonen, Kati; Oikarainen, Ashlee; Tomietto, Marco; Kääriäinen, Maria; Tuomikoski, Anna-Maria; Kaučič, Boris Miha; Filej, Bojana; Riklikiene, Olga; Vizcaya-Moreno, M. Flores; Perez-Cañaveras, Rosa M.; De Raeve, Paul; Mikkonen, Kristina (2019) Assessment of nursing students´ competence in clinical practice : a systematic review of reviews. - International journal of nursing studies 100, 103414 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Mikkonen, Kristina; Tomietto, Marco; Cicolini, Giancarlo; Kaucic, Boris Miha; Filej, Bojana; Riklikiene, Olga; Juskauskiene, Erika; Vizcaya-Moreno, Flores; Perez-Canaveras, Rosa M.; De Raeve, Paul; Kääriäinen, Maria (2020) Development and testing of an evidence-based model of mentoring nursing students in clinical practice. - Nurse education today 85, UNSP 104272 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Oikarainen A, Mikkonen K, Tuomikoski A-M, Elo S, Pitkänen S, Ruotsalainen H, Kääriäinen M. (2017) Mentors' competence in mentoring culturally and linguistically diverse nursing students during clinical placement. - Journal of advanced nursing Epub ahead of print, . [Original]

Thesis supervisions

  • Supervision of 25 Master theses (7 ongoing, 18 completed)

    20 Bachelor theses (all completed) 

  • Supervision of 11 Doctoral students (10 ongoing, 1 completed):

    1. Heli Kuivila (Principle Supervisor- PS)

    2. Ashlee Oikarainen (PS)

    3. Anna-Leena Heinistö (PS)

    4. Anniina Tohmola (CS)

    5. Erika Jarva (PS)

    6. Miro Koskenranta (PS) 

    7. Virpi Välimaa (PS)

    8. Jonna Juntunen (PS) 

    9. Kati Immonen (PS)

    10. Sari Pramilla-Savukoski (PS)

Research visits

  • Visiting Professor
    23.2.2020 to 31.3.2020

    Osaka University, Health Science, Graduate school of Medicine, Department of Nursing