Leila Paavola-Ruotsalainen

Leila Paavola-Ruotsalainen



I am a University Lecturer/Researcher and a certified SLT who is working at the Faculty of Humanities, Research Unit of Logopedics, Child Language Research Center at University of Oulu, Finland. My research interests are in the field of parent-child interaction, child prelinguistic communicative skills and social-emotional development and their role in later language outcomes. In addition, I have been involved in developing assessment methods for speech and language. My scientific collaboration is multidisciplinary.

Research interests

  • parent-child interaction
  • parental responsiveness and directiveness
  • prelinguistic communicative skills
  • child language development
  • vocabulary
  • social-emotional development
  • late talkers

Social media

Selected publications

  • Paavola, Leila; Kunnari, Sari & Moilanen, Irma (2005) Maternal responsiveness and infant intentional communication: implications for the early communicative and linguistic development. - Child: Care, health & development 31 (6), 727-735
  • Paavola, Leila; Kunnari, Sari; Moilanen, Irma & Lehtihalmes, Matti (2005) Functions of maternal verbal responses to prelinguistic infants as predictors of early communicative and linguistic development. - First Language 25 (2), 173-195
  • Paavola, Leila; Kemppinen, K.; Kumpulainen, K.; Moilanen, Irma & Ebeling, Hanna (2006) Maternal sensitivity, infant co-operation and early linguistic development: Some predictive relations. - European Journal of Developmental Psychology 3 (1), 13-30
  • Paavola, Leila; Kemppinen, K.; Kunnari, Sari; Kumpulainen, K.; Moilanen, Irma & Ebeling, Hanna (2006) Characteristics of mother-infant communicative interaction: relations to the ratings of maternal sensitivity and infant co-operation. - Journal of Early Childhood Research 4 (3), 203-222
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  • Paavola-Ruotsalainen, Leila; Lehtosaari, Jaana; Palomäki, Josefina; Tervo, Immi (2018) Maternal verbal responsiveness and directiveness: consistency, stability, and relations to child early linguistic development. - Journal of Child Language 45 (2), 319-339 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Paavola-Ruotsalainen, Leila; Rantalainen, Katariina; Alakortes, Jaana; Carter, Alice C.; Ebeling, Hanna E.; Kunnari, Sari (2018) Social-Emotional/Behavioural Problems and Competencies in Toddlers: Relationships with Early Vocabulary Development. - Journal of Early Childhood Education Research 7 (2), 184-206 . [Original] [Self-archived]

Thesis supervisions

Doctoral theses (ongoing)
  • Katariina Rantalainen