University of Oulu, 2017

PhD candidate at PhD Program in functional Neuroimaging

Biomedical Optical Engineering

Mohsen Ebrahimi


University of Oulu
Biomedical Optical engineering


I work as a Researcher in the Oulu Functional Neuroimaging group under the supervision of Vesa Kiviniemi And studying as a PhD student in the faculty of medicine at the University of Oulu. My researches focus on simultaneous multimodal measurements and especially on biomedical optical imaging. Our multimodal imaging system consists of NIRS, EEG, NIBP, fMRI with ultrafast MREG imaging sequence, and anesthesia monitor which all we can measure in synchrony. Currently, we are measuring both controls and epileptic and narcoleptic patients using the whole setup and also BBBD treatment without fMRI. Specifically, my responsibilities are focus to join an optical system for retinal imaging to our system and develop for special applications and compare its results to other modalities.