Olli Loukola, kimalaistutkija

Olli Loukola


Principal Investigator, Kone Foundation Senior Research Fellow
Cognitive ecology

24 peer reviewed publications in international journals. The publications have been cited 798 times, of which the most cited publication accounts for 219 citations. The author has a h-index of 13.00. (Google Scholar)


I am a behavioural ecologist, also known as the guy who taught the bees to play football :). My research focuses on the cognitive abilities (e.g. problem solving, numerosity) of different species and information use within and among species and its ecological and evolutionary implications. I am interested in how different environmental factors such as species interactions and chemicals are affecting cognition.

Research interests

  • Animal cognition
  • Social learning

Group members


Cwyn Solvi

Pizza Ka Yee Chow

Topi Lehtonen

PhD Students:

Lotta Kaila

Juho Lämsä (defenced his thesis at 9.7.2021 https://www.oulu.fi/university/node/211713)

Project researchers:

Anna Antinoja

Master Students:

Kaarle Mäkelä

Juho Harmoinen

Janette Arppi

Bachelor Students:

Eevasisko Mehtätalo

Kia Skarp


Social media

Professional and community activities

  • Member of Ötökkäakatemia
  • Scientific expert in Nature concert hall 2021 https://www.luontoon.fi/luonnonkonserttisali

Research groups

  • PI, Cognition ecology