Ecology and Genetics

In Ecology and Genetics Research Unit high quality research is carried out in a number of research groups


Our research empasize include:

  • community, population, evolutionary and behavioural ecology
  • conservation, population and ecological genetics and genomics
  • biodiversity genomics and DNA-barcoding
  • ancient-DNA and domestication studies
  • improvement of natural resources (e.g. forest, freshwater, wildlife, berries)
  • interactions between organism of different trophic levels

The Unit has excellent laboratory facilities, including growth chambers, clean laboratory, ecological, molecular biology, microbiological and in vitro laboratories. Our laboratory equiment include stabile isotope analyzer (Picarro), quantitative PCR machines, Sanger sequencing (ABI3100) and next generation sequencing (Ion Torrent) facilities. We have also direct access to ultra clean laboratories in the Center of material anlyses (for ancient-DNA studies). Further laboratory facilities are available at the Biocenter sequencing center, including an Illumina NextSeq 550 sequncer. The Botanical gardens provide greenhouses and experimental field sites. The natural history collections of the Botanical and Zoological museums provide further research facilities. Oulanka research station and Krunni field station offer further possibilities to facilitate field studies.

The Ecology and Genetics Research Unit has extensive national and international collaborative networks, for example, Finnish Natural Resource Institute and Finnish Environmental Institute, which have offices at the University campus.

Projects and actions

Organisation and contacts