Pauliina Ulkuniemi

Pauliina Ulkuniemi

PhD, Professor



Her main field of research is business marketing, especially the network and relationships perspective. Within this, her research has focused on different empirical contexts such as industrial marketing, service business and digital business. Within services business, her research has dealt with topics such as sustainable innovations, corporate social responsibility, service modularity, customer value and branding. Her most current research focuses on market studies in marketing (especially in the context of public procurement) and digitization as driver of future value creator in service business.


Research groups

  • Leader, SHARP Research group

Selected publications

  • Keränen, Outi; Komulainen, Hanna; Lehtimäki, Tuula; Ulkuniemi, Pauliina (2020) Restructuring existing value networks to diffuse sustainable innovations in food packaging. - Industrial marketing management online, online . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Torvinen, Hannu; Ulkuniemi, Pauliina (2016) End-user engagement within innovative public procurement practices : A case study on public–private partnership procurement. - Industrial Marketing Management 58, 58-68 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Ulkuniemi, Pauliina; Araujo, Luis; Tähtinen, Jaana (2015) Purchasing as market-shaping : The case of component-based software engineering. - Industrial Marketing Management 44 (1), 54-62 . [Original]
  • Mainela, Tuija; Ulkuniemi, Pauliina (2013) Personal interaction and customer relationship management in project business.. - Journal of business & industrial marketing 28 (2), 103-110, 3
  • Pekkarinen, Saara & Ulkuniemi, Pauliina (2008) Modularity in developing business services by platform approach. - International journal of logistics management 19 (1), 84-103 . [Original]