Riikka Tumelius

Riikka Tumelius


Doctoral researcher
English, Applied Language Studies


In my PhD research I look into language education and language teacher education in the light of the changing everyday life with ubiquitous technologies. I am interested in the changing role of the language teacher and how we can promote change in the accustomed practices of language teaching.

I have been able to apply my research interests in the working life as well: At the University of Oulu I have acted as university teacher in the English programme at the Faculty of Humanities and as a university teacher of foreign language didactics at the Faculty of Education. I have also acted as a principal lecturer in Intrerpreting and Linguistic Accessibility at the Humak University of Applied Sciences.

My professional background comes from language teaching. Before beginning my doctoral reserach, I have worked as a teacher of English and Swedish in vocational education at Vantaa Vocational College Varia, as well as in basic and general upper secondary education.

Research interests

  • language learning and teaching
  • (language) teacher education
  • technology-rich everyday life
  • nexus analysis
  • multimodal inter(action) analysis


Selected publications

Tumelius, R., & Kuure, L. (2020). Towards a shared vision of language, language learning and a school project in emergence. Classroom Discourse. Accepted for publication.

Kuure, L., Riekki, M., & Tumelius, R. (2018). Nexus analysis in the study of the changing field of language learning, language pedagogy and language teacher education. AFinLA-e: Soveltavan Kielitieteen Tutkimuksia, 11, 71-92. DOI: https://doi.org/10.30660/afinla.69208  

Tumelius, R., & Kuure, L. (2017). Language students learning to manage complex pedagogic situations in a technology-rich environment. In K. Borthwick, L. Bradley & S. Thouësny (Eds), CALL in a climate of change: adapting to turbulent global conditions – short papers from EUROCALL 2017 (pp. 312-316). Research-publishing.net. DOI:  https://doi.org/10.14705/rpnet.2017.eurocall2017.732 


Research funding

I have received support for my doctoral research as follows:

Working grants

  • The Finnish Cultural Foundation's North Ostrobothia Regional Fund (12 months working grant for doctoral research, awarded 15 May 2020)
  • Scholarship Fund of the University of Oulu (2017)

Travel grants

  • Faculty of Humanities, University of Oulu
  • The Finnish Concordia Fund (2017)
  • Oskar Öflund's Stiftelse (2017)



Research groups

  • member, COACT
  • member, EveLINE

Research visits

  • Mattering: Centre for Discourse & Practice, Aalborg University, Denmark
    2.4.2018 to 15.6.2018

    A two-week research visit at the Mattering research centre provided an opportunity to discuss nexus analysis as a research strategy and to otherwise further my PhD research, e.g., via data workshops.