Riikka Tumelius

Riikka Tumelius


University teacher
English Philology, Applied Linguistics


In my PhD research I look into language education and language teacher education in the light of the changing everyday life with ubiquitous technologies. I am interested in the changing role of the language teacher and how we can promote change in the accustomed practices of language teaching.

I am also a language teacher at the Vantaa Vocational College Varia, currently on leave of absence. The tasks included teaching of English and Swedish with students from various different lines of trade, as well as developing online teaching resources for the institution, piloting the use of tablets, and acting as the liaison officer for international affairs.

Research interests

  • language learning and teaching
  • (language) teacher education
  • technology-rich everyday life
  • nexus analysis
  • multimodal inter(action) analysis


Conference presentations and posters

Tumelius, R. & L. Kuure. Language students learning to manage complex pedagogic situation in a technology-rich environment. Conference paper at EUROCALL 2017 - CALL in a Climate of Change. 25 August 2017. University of Southampton, Southampton, UK.

Tumelius, R. 2016. Children as resourceful users of an online environment for learning English. Conference paper at NorDisCo – the 4th Nordic Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Interaction. 24 November 2016. Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Oslo, Norway.

Tumelius, R. 2016. What is going on here? A classroom as a site of engagement for language learning. Conference paper at AFinLA Autumn symposium 2016. 12 November 2016. University of Tampere, Finland.

Tumelius, R. (2015) Life in Cyber City: Affordances for language learning in an online learning environment for young English learners. Poster presentation at AFinLA Autumn symposium 2015. 13 November 2015. University of Helsinki, Finland.

Mikkola R. (2010) Children and their technology-rich everyday life: challenges for language learning. Confernece paper in a workshop at AFinLA Autumn symposium 12-13 Novmeber 2010. University of Vaasa, Finland.



Research groups

  • member, COACT
  • member, EveLINE

Research visits

  • Mattering: Centre for Discourse & Practice, Aalborg University, Denmark
    2.4.2018 to 15.6.2018

    A two-week research visit at the Mattering research centre provided an opportunity to discuss nexus analysis as a research strategy and to otherwise further my PhD research, e.g., via data workshops.