Sanna Lipkin

Sanna Lipkin


Academy Research Fellow (Akatemiatutkija)


I have special knowledge in identity and childhood theories and methodologically I have specialized in textile research. These have directed both my PhD studies (Textile-making and social identities in central Tyrrhenian Italy from prehistory to the Republican period) and post-doctoral career (Funerary attire both in ancient Italy and Post-medieval Finland). In addition to archaeology, I have studied sociology and educational sciences, and my research interests include developing theories of past social interaction. My current research projects, both funded by the Academy of Finland, focus on emotions related to child death and children in Post-medieval Finland.

Research interests

  • Childhood archaeology
  • Textile archaeology
  • Post-medieval archaeology
  • Funerary archaeology
  • Childhood in the past

Social media

Selected publications

  • Lipkin, Sanna; Niinimäki, Sirpa; Tuovinen, Saara; Maijanen, Heli; Ruhl, Erika; Niinimäki, Jaakko; Junno, Juho-Antti (2020) Newborns, Infants, and Adolescents in Postmedieval Northern Finland: A Case Study from Keminmaa. - Historical archaeology online first, - . [Original]
  • Lipkin, Sanna; Ruhl, Erika; Vajanto, Krista; Tranberg, Annemari; Suomela, Jenni (2020) Textiles: Decay and Preservation in Seventeenth- to Nineteenth-Century Burials in Finland. - Historical archaeology 55 (1), online first . [Original]
  • Lipkin, Sanna; Kallio-Seppä, Titta (2020) Introduction: Studying Under-Floor Church Burials in Finland––Challenges in Stewarding the Past for the Future. - Historical archaeology 55 (1), 1–10 . [Original]
  • Väre,Tiina; Lipkin,Sanna; Suomela, Jenni A.; Vajanto, Krista (2020) Nikolaus Rungius: Lifestyle and Status of an Early Seventeenth-Century Northern Finnish Vicar. - Historical archaeology 55 (1), online first . [Original]
  • Lipkin, Sanna (2020) The clothed dead body in Northern Ostrobothnian Finland between the 17th and mid-19th centuries. Entangled beliefs and rituals : religion in Finland and Sápmi from Stone Age to contemporary times. Äikäs, Tiina; Lipkin, Sanna. - Monographs of the archaeological society of finland 8. Helsinki. 54-69. [Original]
  • Lipkin Sanna, Jarva Eero (2020) Children in early Rome and Latium. Children in Antiquity. Perspectives and Experiences of Childhood in the Ancient Mediterranean. Lesley A. Beaumont, Matthew Dillon, Nicola Harrington. - Rewriting Antiquity. Oxon, New York. 191–201, 13
  • Salmi Anna-Kaisa, Äikäs Tiina, Lipkin Sanna (2011) Animating rituals at Sámi sacred sites in northern Finland. - Journal of social archaeology 11 (2), 212–235
  • Jarva, Eero; Lipkin, Sanna; Kuusisto, Antti; Tuppi, Juha; Suuronen, Markus; Salmi, Anna-Kaisa (2013) Crustumerium : ricerche nell'area della trincea viaria. - Bullettino della Commissione Archeologica Comunale di Roma 113, 215-228
  • Lipkin, Sanna; Kuokkanen, Tiina (2014) Man buried in his everyday clothes : attire and social status in the early modern Oulu. Focus on achaeological textiles : multidisclipinary approaches. Lipkin, Sanna; Vajanto Krista. - Monographs of the Archaeological Society of Finland 3. Helsinki, Archaeological society of Finland. 40-53. [Original]
  • Jarva, Eero; Lipkin, Sanna (2014) Ancient textiles were expensive : how do you know that?. - Faravid 38, 23-38

Thesis supervisions

Erika Ruhl (2020)
  • Rest for the Dead, Peace for the Living: Burial Textiles in Pre-modern Finland

Saara Tuovinen (ongoing)
  • The Old story – Archaeology of advantaged age and elderly people via burials and historical records 

Research visits

  • Visiting professor
    18.12.2017 to 12.7.2018

    Research visit at the State University of New York at Buffalo, Department of Anthropology. The visit was part of Academy Research Fellow -project activities. Sanna Lipkin holds an unsalaried Research Assistant Professor post at the SUNY at Buffalo.

  • Post doctoral research in Rome
    1.1.2011 to 5.12.2012

    Research period in Rome to study Prehistoric and Archaic textiles and funerary attire. Research was conducted in collaboration with Soprintendeza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma and funded by Osk. Huttunen and Kone Foundations.


New perspectives on childhood in Finland (1600–1900): funerary attire as an indicator of status of children

This project regenerates archaeological childhood studies through examining the status of children in Post-medieval Finland (1600–1900), not forget

Daily and afterlife of children (1500–1900): New perspectives in identifying childhood in the past

This project regenerates archaeological childhood studies through examining childhood between 1500 and 1900.
University of Oulu, 2016

Northern Research Group for History of Childhood and Education

Northern Research Group for History of Childhood and Education is a multidisciplinary group gathering together researchers who work with q

Uusia näkökulmia lapsuuteen Suomessa (1600–1900): hauta-asu lapsen aseman määrittelijänä

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