Shenghong Yang


Ore geology and mineralogy


Shenghong Yang got his professorship in ore geology and mineralogy in 2019. His research is mainly on studying magmatic mineral systems in the Arctic region via variable approachs including field geology, mineralogy and geochemistry, especially mafic-ultramafic rocks related Ni-Cu-Co-PGE-Cr-V mineralizations in different tectonic environments. He is also trying to expand his research on other magmatic ore-forming systems including felsic and alkaline rocks related mineralizations. Other research include development of sustainable exploration methods.

Research interest:

  • Archean komatiite related Ni sulfide deposits
  • Mafic layered intrusions related Cr, V, PGE, (Ni, Cu, Co) deposits 
  • Conduit type Ni-Cu-Co suflide deposits in Lapland and Sevecofenian orogeny
  • Lithium mineralization in pegmatite in Finland
  • Mineral resource assessment 


  • Magmatic ore deposits
  • Introduction to ore mineralogy 
  • Excursion in ore geology
  • Regional ore geology of Fennoscandia
  • Bed rock geology of Fennoscandia
  • Seminar in ore geology
  • Exploration and Mining, global and local perspective
  • Isotope geochemistry for economic geologist

Professional and community activities

  • Board member of Finnish Geoscience Laboratory