Vesa Väätänen


Doctoral researcher


I am a PhD student at the Geography Research Unit, and my key research interest is in political geography. My doctoral research focuses on the political geographies of the Arctic region and the multifarious political dimensions inherent in regionalization processes. These dimensions include power relations in supranational political space, spatial politics of sub-national political actors, and the intersection of geopolitics/geoeconomics in supranational state strategies.

Research interests

  • Political geography
  • Political geographies of the Arctic region
  • Power relations in supranational political space
  • Spatial politics of sub-national actors
  • The intersection of geopolitics and geoeconomics in supranational state strategies


Research groups

  • Regional Development and Regional Policy

Research visits

  • Research visit to University of Alaska, Anchorage
    16.5.2016 to 30.6.2016