University of Oulu Botanical Museum

The basic tasks of the Botanical Museum are to maintain and increase the university's scientific plant and fungus collections as well as study collections of the University of Oulu. The scientific collections comprise about 0.5 million samples. They consist mainly of dried, determined and documented herbarium samples. The collections are freely available to researchers around the world.

Collections, archives and data storage and distribution systems (, Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility) serve not only research and teaching but also society's information needs, such as zoning, nature conservation and environmental monitoring and research.

The collections contain about 10,000 sample data on endangered and risk species. The museum's collections are an essential resource in the development of DNA tags for species.  The museum has recently promoted the digitization of collections and other storage and use of historical diversity information in research. 

The Botanical Museum is responsible for species information in a large part of Northern Finland and acts as an expert in its field. The activities of the museum are coordinated with the Central Museum of Natural History

The Botanical Museum is in connection with the Botanical Garden, on the northern corner of the Linnanmaa campus area, near lake Kuivasjärvi. Street address is Kaitoväylä 5.


The museum offers workspace for visiting researchers, laboratory space (including a clean-flow laminar) and microscopes.

With the Ecology and Genetics Research Unit, there is scope for DNA isolation, PCR work, and both capillary and high throughput sequencing.









The Botanical Museum was founded in 1961 in connection with the Department of Botany at the University of Oulu. The collections were based on a plant collection donated by the Oulu Friends of Nature Association (Oulun Luonnonystävät). The association's collections were managed for a long time by Dr. Paavo S. Jokela. The collections of the Botanical Museum were initially housed in a room rented from Paavo S. Jokela's home. From there, they were transferred in 1961 to the premises of the training school of the Teacher Training Institute on Kasarmintie. After 1963, the Botanical Museum operated in an office building leased from Oulu Corporation to the Department of Botany at Torikatu 15. The Department of Botany moved to Kontinkangas temporary barracks in 1974, and the Botanical Museum's collections were located on the premises of the nearby Prosthetic Workshop (Kajaanintie 42).  In 1983, the Botanical Museum moved to Linnanmaa to the renovated premises of the Department of Chemistry. The Botanical Museum moved to its current premises in 2003.

Tauno Ulvinen, the first museum manager of the Botanical Museum, held office from 1961 to 1993. After his retirement, Esteri Ohenoja, who had been an amanuensis at the Botanical Museum since 1970, took over the position. She was followed by Henry Väre as Chief Curator (former museum manager) from 1997 to 1999.  Martti Ohenoja was a museum assistant from 1974 to 1998.

Drawing Pentti Koivisto, Finnish club collections