The scientific collections are initially based on the donation of the Societas Amicorum Naturae Ouluensis founded in 1927. The society donated their collections consisting of 50 000 specimens to the University of Oulu in 1961. The number of specimens totals ca. 0.5 million (2012). The collections include vascular plants (300 000), bryophytes (74000), algae (600), lichens (30 000) and other fungi (80 000). The collections contain specimens from northern Finland, Fennoscandia, subarctic and arctic areas of Europe (e.g. Bear Island, Jan Mayen, Svalbard), arctic Russia, Sayan Mts., the Alps (Austria, Switzerland, France), the Black Forest (Germany), Estonia and the Mediterranean area Canada (N.W.T., Manitoba, British Columbia), northern and western part of USA, SE Asia (e.g., Japan, China), South America and Antarctica. The annual accession rate has been ca. 1000–10 000 specimens. The collections are placed in modern compactors.

Last updated: 6.9.2017