In the greenhouses, there are ca 1500 plant taxa from tropical, subtropical and temperate climate zones. In addition to key specimens for teaching of plant biogeography and plant systematics, economic and ornamental plants can be found.

The majority of the collections is propagated from seeds obtained via international seed exchange.

The greenhouse called "Romeo" is for tropical and subtropical plants is 16 m high. For example, banana, cacao, coffee, paryrus, rice. tea, various orchids, gardenia and camellia can be found.

Greenhouse "Julia" is 14 m high and there is exhibited plants from Mediterranean and temperate areas, for example, various Citrus-species. There is also one pavilion for succulents (e.g. Cactus, Agave, Lithops).


Outdoor garden


In garden field ca 4000 taxa can be found. Garden is divided into sections: 

Systematic section:

Plants and planting areas are arranged according to plant phylogenetic lineages.

Economic plants:

Plants are grouped according to their usage.

Medicinal plants

Section for domestic plants.

Includes special planting areas e.g. for shoreline and meadow plants.

Mountaineous area:

Mountaineous plants from different continents.

Ornamental plants:

Several hundreds of ornamental plants including annuals, herbaceous and woody perennials, and trees.


Last updated: 20.2.2020