University of Oulu Zoological Museum

The Zoological Museum is part of the Biodiversity Unit, whose basic tasks are to manage, preserve and add to the university's scientific animal and study collections.

According to its location and area of ​​operation, the museum specializes in the northern region.

The museum conducts high-level international research in the field of animal taxonomy and systematics and biogeography.  Areas of research include evolutionary biology, conservation biology, and issues related to endangered species.

The Zoological Museum is in connection with the Botanical Garden, on the northern corner of the Linnanmaa campus area, near lake Kuivasjärvi. Street address is Kaitoväylä 5.




Dead animals found in the wild

If you find a dead wild animal, you can bring the animal directly to the zoological museum or send it through Matkahuolto. Include as accurate information as possible about the time and place of discovery and the contact information of the discoverer. The museum does not have the option to pick up dead animals.

Please contact museum staff before sending the animal.

The museum cooperates with the Finnish Food Authority in investigations into the cause of death.

Notice! An endangered animal found dead may not be taken without the permission of the ELY Center of Southwest Finland, regardless of the cause of death of the animal.



The Zoological Museum of the University of Oulu and its purpose and tasks date back to 1925, when Oulu nature lovers were founding an association in Oulu with the main purpose of creating a natural history museum. The museum of the Oulu Friends of Nature Association (OLY) was already on its own premises in 1932 and its collections included more than 400 animals. However, these were destroyed in the bombings of the Winter War.

OLY's reconstructed collections (more than 600 vertebrates and 15,000 invertebrates) were donated to the University of Oulu in 1960. At that time, the collection was located on the top floor of the Ainola library building. In 1961, the museum acquired its own premises in connection with the Department of Zoology from the Oulu YMCA building. In 1972, the Zoological Museum moved to the former Åström leather factory and operated there until it moved to Linnanmaa in 1984. After moving to Linnanmaa, the exhibition was expanded by building dioramas, which were created by conservator Heikki Kangasperko in 1984 - 93. In later years, the exhibition was supplemented by conservator Atte Lahtela among others.

The exhibition of the Zoological Museum closed on 1.12.2017.