Centre for Advanced Steels Research

 The Centre for Advanced Steel Research (CASR) was founded in 2006. CASR forms at the University of Oulu a national centre of expertise focusing on the chemical, mechanical and physical metallurgy of steels, including control and information engineering and modelling. CASR covers 70 researchers located in eight research units crossing two faculties.

In the strategy of University of Oulu for 2010-2015, steel research was one of the development areas. In the new strategy for 2016-2020, High-Strength Tough Steels for Sustainable Light-Weight Solutions theme will be one of the main focus fields.

GENOME OF STEEL is a profiling area in the university’s strategic research focus area Creating sustainability through materials and systems. It is funded by a specific instrument of the Academy of Finland aimed at strengthening the research profiles of Finnish universities.

Steels research at Oulu is very valuable to Finnish metals and engineering industry, which produces nearly half of Finnish export goods. Research at CASR has enabled Finnish industry to become a global leader in the development and use of ultrahigh-strength steels and thereby increase its annual turnover by more than 500 M€.

One measure of the perceived importance and industrial relevance of steel research at University of Oulu can be obtained from the volume of external funding that is about 5 M€ per year.