Metal production is facing major economic and environmental challenges. The main requirements for competitiveness in the future are the capability for a flexible response to changing demands and the ability to produce metal at high cost efficiency. In addition, the planned reduction of CO2 emissions requires drastic changes to the current process practice. These demands cannot be met with the existing operation paradigm, but requires implementation of a new flexible approach.

The ambition of the project is to foster new innovations and business, and to strengthen the ecosystem of metal producers, universities, research institutes and SME’s. The vision of the project is a paradigm shift from stiff and reactive production to flexible and proactive operating mode, while moving the Finnish metal industry towards zero waste plant and CO2 lean metal production. The shift necessitates digitalized and interlinked information flows at different levels of production chain.

In order to optimize the processing parameters and maximization of material yield, targeted process campaigns and simulations are required. The companies involved in the project are SSAB Europe Oy, Outokumpu Stainless Oy and Outotec Finland Oy. The SMEs involved are Casim Consulting Oy, Luxmet Oy, SFTec Oy and Sapotech Oy. Following research institutes are taking part: University of Oulu and Aalto University.

The project WPs are:
WP2 - Proactive metal production
WP3 - Adaptive Refining Metallurgy, ARM
WP4 - Controlled rolling and finishing, novel models and simulators for rolling processes.
Themes of resource efficiency, cost efficiency and flexibility manifest through every work package.

Last updated: 13.9.2018