Process Metallurgy


Thermal analysis

  • Netzsch STA 449 F3 Jupiter. Simultaneous mass and modulated heat difference measurement with optional mass spectrometer gas analysis, modulated heating up to 2000°C temperature. The device was purchased in 2011.
  • Netzsch STA 409 PC Luxx and Netzsch QMS 403 C quadrupole mass spectrometer. Simultaneous mass and heat difference measurement with optional mass spectrometer gas analysis up to 1500°C temperature. The device was purchased in 2003.
  • TA Instruments SDT 2960. Simultaneous mass and temperature difference measurement up to 1500°C. Year 1996.
  • Optical dilatometer. Dimensional change measurement up to 1500°C temperature.
  • BW-tek voyage Confocal Raman in olympus BX51 microscope. QImaging MicroPublisher 3.3RTV camera. Raman spectrum and dimensional measurement with high temperature stage from linkam up to 1500°C.


Reduction metallurgy


  • TGA; Mass measurement in reducing atmosphere 1500°C
  • Blast furnace gas phase simulator with entech furnace. Mass measurement in reducing CO, CO2 ,N2 ,H2, H2O, K, S, atm 1800°C
  • Pellet furnace 1000/80 entech. Evolved Gas Analysis, CO, CO2, H2, H2O, measurement in reducing atmosphere 1300°C
  • High temperature viscometer; Rotational viscosity measurement 1700°C


Other High Temperature devices


  • Entech Thermal Gradient furnace 1800°C
  • Nabertherm Chamber furnace 150x150x300mm 1800°C
  • Pressure furnace 10 bar,1500°C
  • Microwave oven for reduction and agglomeration research
  • MW-HS-06 High temperature microwave reactor


Other devices and tools


  • Watermodels; The models visualize phenomenon taking place inside a converter and ladle like steel / slag flow and wearing of refractory materials.
  • Briquetting machine; Compacting fine metallurgical particles and re-feeding them back to process. Maximum pressure is 210 bar/briquette and vibration 60 Hz. Briquette size is 50mm in diameter and 100mm in height.
  • Inclusion electrolytic extraction; Potentiostat Biologic SP-150 and self-made cell is used in extraction. Inclusions is then studied separately with FESEM, particle size analyzer etc.
  • Termodynamic calculation programs; HSC, Chemsage and Fact Sage programs are for thermodynamic equilibrium calculations.
  • Microscopes; An Olympus polarizing microscope BX51P with micropublisher 5.0RTV camera and Olympus research stereomicroscope SZX9 with DP-12 camera. The microscopes were purchased in 2001.
  • Materialographic surface preparation of solid materials; Struers Epovac vacuum impregnation equipment. Grinding and polishing is done with Struers LaboForce-1 and LabPol-6. The ready samples go through ultrasonic cleaning before use. The devices were purchased in 2002.


Materials Engineering

  • Gleeble 3800 thermomechanical simulator (thermo-mechanical processing, hot ductility, CTT- and TTT -diagrams, recrystallization kinetics, annealing, welding simulation, etc.)
  • Laboratory rolling mill with accelerated cooling unit
  • GDA750 analyzator (bulk composition of carbon and stainless steels, Cu- and Al-alloys; depth profiles of elements in nanoscale)
  • Instrumented microhardness tester (CSM, 30 mN, local hardness and flow stress curves)
  • Tensile testing machines (Zwick, 100 kN; from -80 °C to 200 °C; MTS810)
  • Charpy Impact test hammer
  • NDT drop weight hammer
  • Macrohardness testers
  • Optical microscopes and image analysis

STEM, FE-SEM-EDS-EBSD, XPS, XRD, FIB, etc. are available at Center of Microscopy and Nanotechnology



Characterization devices enabling the analysis and measurement of optical and structural properties of micro- and nanostructure and materials, see the list of aquipment in Center of Microscopy and Nanotechnology

Mechanical engineering workshop

  • Water jet cutting machine
  • Mitsui Seiki HR-5B machining center
  • Yasda YBM-850V precision machining center
  • Makino MC 60 machining center
  • Mori Seiki SL 1 B CNC lathe
  • Coordinate measuring machine IOTA P 1270
  • Measuring machine Carl Zeiss Jena
  • Ursviken Optima 100 press brake
  • Guillotine shear cutting machine Aliko 3012 CNC
  • Robot welding cell
    • Kemppi Pro MIG 5000
    • Motoman Motoman L 106
  • MIG/MAG/TIG Welding
    • Kemppi Kempomat 2500
    • Kemppi Kempomig 3200
    • Kemppi Kempomig 4000W
    • Kemppi Kempotig ACDC 4500
  • Surface roughness tester Mitutoyo
  • Roundness measuring tester Talyrond 201
  • Measuring systems for machine tool inspection and acceptance
    • path control accuracy testing system, Heidenhain DBB 110 (double ball bar with integrated linear encoders)
    • comparator measuring system for linear axes, Heidenhain VM 182-1020
    • ACCOM measuring and evaluation software
    • small angle and levelling measuring instument Wyler Leveltronic
  • Multicomponent dynamometer Kistler 9257B for cutting force measurements

University of Oulu - machine shop research support

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