Articles - Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems Group


  • Tamminen S, Ferreira E, Tiensuu H, Helaakoski H, Kyllönen V, Jokisaari J, Puukko E & Röning J
    An Online Quality Monitoring Tool for Information Acquisition and Sharing in Manufacturing: Requirements and Solutions for the Steel Industry. International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering, accepted.


  • Tiensuu H, Tamminen S, Pikkuaho A & Röning J
    Improving the Yield of Steel Plates by Updating the Slab Design with Statistical Models. Ironmaking & Steelmaking, 44(8): 577-586.


  • Juutilainen I, Tamminen S, Röning J
    Visualizing Predicted and Observed Densities Jointly with Beanplot Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, 44:340-348.
  • Juutilainen I, Tamminen S & Röning J
    Density forecast based failing probability predictors in manufacturing European Journal of Industrial Engineering, 9(4):432-449.



  • Juutilainen I, Tamminen S & Röning J
    Exceedance Probability Score: A Novel Measure for Comparing Probabilistic Predictions. Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice , 6(3):452-467.


  • Juutilainen I, Koskimäki H, Laurinen P & Röning J
    BUSDM - An algorithm for the bottom-up search of departures from a model. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, May, 81(5):561-578.

  • Juutilainen I, Tuovinen L, Laurinen P, Koskimäki H & Röning J
    Semi-automatic Maintenance of Regression Models: an Application in the Steel Industry. Journal of Computing and Information Technology, 19(3):71-82.


  • Juutilainen I & Röning J
    How to compare interpretatively different models for the conditional variance. Journal of Applied Statistics, 37(5):983-998.

  • Tamminen S, Juutilainen I & Röning J
    Modelling of Charpy V test rejection probability. Ironmaking & Steelmaking, 37(1):35-40.


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    Modelling conditional variance function in industrial data: A case study Statistical Methodology, 5(6):564-575.

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    Detection of Correct Moment to Model Update Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering: Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 24:87-94.


  • Juutilainen I & Röning J
    A Method for Measuring Distance from a Training Data Set Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, 36(14):2625-2639.


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  • Juutilainen I & Röning J
    Planning of strength margins using joint modelling of mean and dispersion. Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 21(4):367 - 373.

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