Open positions

Process Metallurgy Research Unit has opened two positions related to a) the reduction behavior and the metallurgical properties of iron burden materials under simulated blast furnace conditions and b) modelling solidification and continuous casting of steel. The positions could be fulfilled by doctoral student or by diploma thesis worker.

Process Metallurgy Unit has very close co-operation with metallurgical industry and universities in Finland and Europe as form of joint projects and exchange. The improvements of material and energy efficiency of metallurgical processes is one key topics aiming towards minimized specific emissions. Detailed information of projects and publications made in unit is available in link:

Position for a doctoral student or a diploma thesis worker starting at 01.10.2018 for topic:

  • Reduction and metallurgical properties of iron burden materials used in blast furnaces
  • Modelling of solidification and continuous casting of steel

The deadline for applications is Friday 21.9.2018.

Applications are asked to send to professor Timo Fabritius by e-mail:

For further information about the position, please contact:

Head of Process Metallurgy Research Unit,
Timo Fabritius,
Faculty of Technology,
University of Oulu,
P.O. Box 4300,
FI-90014 University of Oulu,
tel +358 (40) 554 6683,
email: timo.fabritius(at)

Last updated: 3.9.2018