Fundamentals of formation and properties of metallurgical coke

Project duration: 09.2016-08.2020
Contact person: Dr. Stanislav Gornostayev

This multidisciplinary project will explore the fundamentals of formation, major properties and reactions of experimental and industrial metallurgical coke complementing existing data and interpretations, and offering responses for some unresolved questions related to coke making and blast furnace processes.

The major objectives of the project: to collect quantitative data on various measurable properties of coke; to establish correlations between them and to reveal driving forces (physical and chemical phenomena) which act behind variations of major properties of coke. The properties and features, which will be studied, include phase chemistry on coke-mineral and coke-metal interfaces, 3D distribution of minerals and their shape, porosity, cold and hot strength and reactivity.

The major applied results of the project will be: data on properties of additive-bearing coke; guidance for selection of most appropriate additives (recyclable materials) and their amounts for coking purposes; deepened knowledge on processes and reactions in blast furnace; collections of digital data and samples for future projects and education; reducing the carbon footprint of iron and steel production; evaluation of environmental, economic and societal impacts of using alternative raw materials in metallurgical coke production.

Last updated: 22.2.2019