Focus Areas & Development Areas of University of Oulu

The University of Oulu has classified steel research in its current strategy as one of the focus areas to be further developed. This means that more resources will be devoted to the laboratories involved in activities related to steel. The growing metallurgical and mining industry in Northern Finland ensures a high demand for expertise and engineers in this field.

The specific idea and the main advantage of CASR is that it covers the whole chain of steel processing from raw material handling to the mechanical properties of steel and the fabrication of final products, i.e. process control, process and physical metallurgy based design and prediction of chemical compositions, microstructures and the rolling stage, and finally modelling the relationships between huge industrial processing data and the properties of novel steel grades. Future manufacturing technologies are also covered. For industrial partners CASR provides an easy access to the multidisciplinary research of the University of Oulu. The research portfolio at CASR is aimed at providing basic research, innovations and education to support the prosperity of the Finnish steel and engineering industry. More than 70 research scientists and graduate students are working in the centre.

Last updated: 26.2.2019